Power in Back
eCallSheet.com merges industry-standard forms with the newest generation of web programming. The result? Now, with an internet connection, you can manage your project on any computer, at any time, from any location in the world.
Powerful Features include:
Call Sheet Management..
Update “Alert” for last minute changes w/time stamp.
Digital Signatures for the 1st AD and UPM.
Links to location maps.
Links to 1st, 2nd, Stunt, and VFX Unit.
Links from crew names on the back of the e Call Sheet to the their contact sheet data.
Links to weather forecast.
“Quote of the Day” providing a touch of humor or inspiration.
Alternate administrators can be authorized
Data can be prioritized by:
Scene #
Shoot Day Sequence.
Calendar Day/Date.
One-line Description.
No software to install or upgrade.
Instant email form call-up.
Designed with Security in Mind.
Secure log-in for registered personnel only.
Administrator has password protected Access
– only ‘authorized’ administrator(s) can input
data to the site.
Everyone else on the project has password-protected access to read-only versions of the call sheet.
All your data is automatically and regularly-backed up.
eCallSheet.com uses firewall-protected web servers, professionally monitored for reliability and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Forgot Password email recovery.
Your project has its own dedicated
online file.
Online and telephone support.
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