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Sharing the latest, up-to-date information production-wide is key to avoiding costly misunderstandings. Save Time - Save Money - Save Stress. By desktop, laptop, or smartphone; eCallSheet.com provides a reliable 24/7 safety net for:
The 1st AD who hopes everyone got the last minute revision of tomorrow’s schedule.
Savings: A good night’s sleep
The prop master who was able to prep the ‘gags’ for the scene that was suddenly moved up a week.
Savings: One hour of production downtime - avoided.
The costumer who needs to make last-minute
alterations to the new dress.
Savings: A happy actress.
The driver who just learned about the newly
substituted location.
Savings: No missing grip truck.
The 1st AC who accidentally left her call sheet on the camera truck after a late night wrap.
Savings: Camera built on time for rehearsal.
The talent who wants to rehearse their lines, but doesn’t have the script with them.
Savings: Fewer takes, less film stock,
less production time.
The DP who is able to confirm the
VFX lighting equipment with the gaffer.
Savings: DP hangs on to the job
for another day.
The UPM who is overseeing a
complicated shoot.
Savings: $$$$$.
Total Savings: Priceless.
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