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Using e Call Sheet is as easy as filling in a standard call sheet. The magic happens as you key in the information and your database grows.
Features include:
Ability to quickly re-configure the schedule on a moment’s notice.
Generate printer-ready files for hard copies.
letter-size paper or legal-size paper.
Additional spaces for Notes, Remarks, and Comments have been provided.
The e Call Sheet is presented in familiar production breakdown categories:
One-line Scene and Set Description.
Cast, Stand-In and Atmosphere Call Times.
Special Instructions.
Advance schedule.
Crew Call times.
Walkie-talkie channels.
Each category can be completed whenever the info is available.
Each category can be easily transposed to another shoot day.
Data in each category can be easily added, deleted, or modified.
The Special Instructions category can be located on the front or back to accommodate the printing of lengthy call sheets. (Pending).
Data can be accessed via the Menu Navigation Bar or via internal links.
Add/Delete/Modify departments.
For example :
Add Stunt department on Day 3.
Delete Stunt department on Day 5.
Modify Hair and MU Dept to: Extras Hair and MU.
Add/Delete/Modify crew positions.
For example :
Add: B and C camera.
Delete: B and C camera.
Modify: Camera Operator becomes A Camera Operator when B and C cameras are added.
Modify: B Camera Operator becomes A Camera Operator on 2nd unit.
Modify: Hair and Make-up becomes Key Hair and Make-up when more stylists are added.
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