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It’s all here! Just a click away! All production breakdown files are cross-referenced and hyperlinked.
The Menu Bar provides quick access to:
Call Sheet Management..
Create, Edit or Delete any/all e Call Sheets.
File all future e Call Sheet drafts for easy access, so needs can be anticipated as far in advance as possible.
Finalize and Broadcast the current e Call Sheet.
Status Report allows Production to:
Check off all completed scenes.
View all future scenes to be shot.
Calendar View.
Call Sheets for 1st, 2nd, Stunt and VFX Units.
Calendar access for all call sheets.
One-Line Schedule.
Overview of the entire production schedule.
Scenes Breakdown.
One-line, cast and atmosphere, special
instructions, advance schedule.
Each scene # is linked to its appropriate
script page of dialogue.
A failsafe for those who don’t have their
copy of the script.
Links to all shoot locations with contact info.
Links to online maps for easy directions.
Links to all contact info.
Cast/Crew Contact Sheet.
Powerful online address book.
Complete contact data.
Privacy feature.
Message Boards.
Inter-departmental messaging.
Intra-departmental messaging.
Post threads for maximizing
communications and anticipating needs.
Quick answers and assistance for
all functions.
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